'It' Meets 'Poltergeist' In 'Clowntergeist' This September

Evil clowns are hot...or bad...or whatever. With the upcoming adaptation of Stephen Kings "It" hitting theater next month and getting some insane positive buzz, there are a bevy of clown based independent horror set to hit VOD over the next month. Premiering September the 12th is writer/director Aaron Mirtes latest film Clowntergeist courtesy of High Octane Pictures. Check out the poster, trailer, synopsis, and some stills from Clowntergeist below.

"Emma, a college student with a crippling fear of clowns, must come face to face with her worst fear when an evil spirit in the body of a clown is summoned terrorizing the town she calls home. One by one Emma and her friends receive a balloon with the exact time and date of when it will appear to kill them written on it. After receiving her balloon, Emma realizes that she has two days left to live, and must fight against the clock to find a way to survive."

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