'Lycan' Goes For The Throat August 4th

The debut feature from director Bev Land, Lycan, is set to hit select theaters on August the 4th courtesy of the good folks at Parade Deck Films. MVD Entertainment will follow with the DVD/Blu-Ray and VOD release on September the 26th. Dania Ramirez, Gail O'Grady, Vanessa Angel, and Parker Croft star in this telling of the urban legend surrounding the "Talbot County Werewolf." Check out a longer synopsis of the film below, along with the poster, trailer, and some words from star/producer Ramirez regarding Lycan.

"When six college kids in a sleepy Southern town are assigned a group history project, one of them sets in motion a horrific fate when he proposes they head into the Georgia backwoods to uncover the truth about the hundred year old urban legend of Emily Burt, the "Talbot County Werewolf".

Ramirez on Lycan: "I am a firm believer that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.  I have been in front of the camera for quite some time and I feel blessed to have been able to help lead the team that made this movie possible.  When I met my talented husband, I said to him "I want to produce films"and Bev looked at me and said "Then let's do it together... I will write you a leading character with the dimension and depth that you are capable of playing but haven't had the opportunity and YOU will produce it for me!" The journey of independent film making doesn't allow much room for star like treatment and producing one proved to be more challenging than I could've ever imagined. Being the producer and star meant making every phone call and scheduling every shooting day also had to correspond with taking the necessary time to put on the clothes of my character and live in her before hearing the word "Action".  I also want to add that Latin female leading roles are rare in this industry and this one I think is one of a kind. The sense of accomplishment I feel today having not only brought our baby "Lycan" into this world but now having Eric D. Wilkinson at MVD Entertainment and Michael Ingram at Parade Deck Films distribute the film is overwhelming."

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