Celebrate the 4th of July with 'The Dark Tapes'

It's been a while..lets see if I remember how to do this. Epic Pictures is set to drop the terrifying found footage anthology film, The Dark Tapes on July the 4th, Independence Day here int he good old US of A. So now you can go watch some fireworks, then spend the rest of the night scared shitless, hiding behind your couch. You can pick up the film in physical media form by purchasing the DVD (only 9.99!) or heading to your local Redbox, or by dialing it up on your favorite streaming service. The Dark Tapes stars Cortney Palm, Brittany Underwood, and Emilia Ares Zorayn and was directed by Michael McQuown. You can check out more regarding the film by reading our review of The Dark Tapes HERE.

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