The Owlman is Back in 'The Black Gloves'

So the good folks over at Hex Media dropped us some awesome news. The Owlman is back! That's right our favorite character from Lawrie Brewsters Lord of Tears and the viral Owlman pranks is set to return in the supernatural chiller The Black Gloves. The film is once again directed by Brewster and written by Sarah Daly. hey have set up a Kickstarter page for the film, which you can find HERE. The Black Gloves is set to star Spanish film icon Macarena Gomez (Dagon) along with Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser). Check out the teaser trailer below, along with our lazily cut and pasted synopsis we've cribbed from the press release.

"The Black Gloves tells the story of a psychologist obsessed with the disappearance of his young patient, and the menacing owl-headed figure that plagued her nightmares. His investigations lead him to a reclusive ballerina who, just like his patient, is convinced that she is about to die at the hands of this disturbing entity.

In the bleak Scottish highlands, Finn counsels his new patient, under the watchful eye of her sinister ballet teacher. He soon finds himself entangled in a ballet of paranoia, dark agendas and a maze of deadly twists and turns, as the legend of the Owlman becomes a terrifying reality."

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