'Heidi' Wants To Play A Game

Our good friends at Wild Eye Releasing have opened up their release vault again and bestowed the award winning indie horror film Heidi on an unsuspecting public. A multiple award winner at the Pollygrind Film Festival, was written and directed by Daniel Ray and stars Samuel Brian, Joei Fulco, Joey Bell, and Eva Falana. Heidi is currently available on both DVD and Digital HD. Check out the synopsis for the film below along with the films poster, trailer and some stills below. Then head over to Amazon to purchase Heidi.

"After investigating a neighbor's attic, two high school pranksters are increasingly plagued by a series of disturbing, supernatural events involving a creepy, vintage doll named Heidi.  As she stalks them day and night, no one will take their claims seriously until it is too late."

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