Enter the 'Hunting Grounds' May 2nd

Who doesn't love a good Bigfoot film? We certainly do, so we've circled May the 2nd on our calendars. That's the day writer/director John Portonava's award winning Bigfoot film Hunting Grounds hits DVD. the film stars Emmy winner and friend of the site Bill Oberste Jr. along with D'Angelo Midili, Miles Joris-Peryrafitte, and Jason Vail. Check out all the special features contained on the DVD and Blu-Ray releases below along with the trailer for the film, some stills and the poster for Hunting Grounds below.

"DVD and Blu-ray extras include Audio commentary with Writer/Director John Portanova, Producer Matt Medisch, and Director of Photography Jeremy Berg, making-of feature, deleted scenes (Blu-ray only), and  "John Goes Squatchin'" A featurette following Writer/Director John Portanova as he embarks on his first Squatchin' trip into the Washington rain forest (Blu-ray only)."

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