AFGA and Something Weird Bring Back The Zodiac Killer In July

While common sense now tells us that Senator Ted Cruz was certainly the famed Zodiac Killer, back in the late 60's and early 70's folks had no clue who was behind the series of horrific murders that plagued the Bay area. Insert director Tom Hansons 1970 film The Zodiac Killer. Hanson, a former pizza impresario, made the film as a way to possible solve the case. Screenings were held as pseudo-traps for the real killer. but the real killer never materialized. Now, thanks to the not for profit American Genre Film Archive and Something Weird Video we will all have a chance to see Hanson's film on July the 25th. The upcoming special edition of the film will contain a cornucopia of awesome extras, check them out below. You can pre-order The Zodiac Killer at MVD Entertainment HERE and Amazon HERE.

Special Features:
- New 4K scan from the only surviving 16mm blow-up elements!
- Commentary track with Tom Hanson, Manny Nedwick, and more!
- Interview with director Tom Hanson and actor Manny Nedwick!
- Tabloid-horror trailers from the AGFA archive!
- Liner notes and director Tom Hanson interview by Chris Poggiali of TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK!
- Reversible cover art!
- Bonus movie: ANOTHER SON OF SAM (1977)! New 2K scan from a 35mm theatrical print!

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