Get Ready to Enter the 'Savageland' on February 24th

Following an extremely successful festival run, the multi-award winning film Savageland is set to be released February the 24th via our good friends over at Terror Films. To celebrate the upcoming release Terror Films has dropped a sneak peek of the the film titles "Dead Alive", which you can find below. In the day leading up to the 24th they will also be releasing the official trailer for the film and the official poster for Savageland. We hope to bring you both, you will just have to keep checking us ut to find out!

Co-directed by the three headed monster of Phil Guidry, Simon Herbert, and David Whelan, Savageland will see the first phase of its release on Friday, February the 24th. You can catch the film on most of the usual instant streaming services, including our good friends at I Bleed Indie, starting then. Until then check out a brief synopsis of the film along with the previously mentioned trailer and some random images.

"The film is centered on the night of June 2, 2011. On this date, the largest mass murder in American history occurs in the off-the-grid border town of Sangre de Cristo, Arizona, just a few miles north of Mexico. The entire population of fifty-seven disappears overnight and the next morning nothing is left but blood trails leading into the desert."

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