Geoff Tate Stars in 'The Burningmoore Deaths' February the 14th

I know what you are thinking..."Geoff Tate? Josh, you must be crazy." Well that is true...but not in this instance. As some of you reading this may know,  Geoff Tate is the former lead singer of Queensryche,the Seattle based prog/hard rock band that saw a great amount of success in the late 80's into the early 90's. Since the height of the Queensryche success, Tate has since split with the band and moved on to his own project called Operation: Mindcrime after the Queensryche album of the same name.

Tate also has a non-music based new project as well - the film The Burningmoore Deaths. The film, which was written and directed by Jonathan Williams, marks Tates acting debut. Tate also contributed to the films soundtrack along with Andrew Kadin and Dawn of Solace. Inspired by true events, The Burningmoore Deaths will be available on DVD and VOD starting via our friends at MVD Entertainment on February the 14th. Check out the poster for the film, along with the films synopsis, trailer and some words from Tate regarding his acting debut below.

"Tate takes on the role of James Parrish, a man who allegedly killed his own wife and three children before disappearing without a trace. With the home now vacated and boarded up, a home improvement company gets permission to film the renovation process for a test pilot for a TV network, not knowing that Parrish had returned to take up residence once again in the derelict building. Bloody chaos ensues - and it's all captured on camera!

"I think I've always done it... In our own shows and with the way I present music," said Tate. "It all has a bit of a stage acting bend to it. So this wasn't really a stretch for me. It was just playing to a different audience, to a camera rather than a room full of people, but it's the same thing. You play-act and you make stuff up and you present that like you would in a stage show."

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