The Past Never Forgets In the The First Trailer for 'Borderline'

Maso and Co. Productions have completed filming on their latest project, the mystery/thriller, Borderline and have begun releasing promotional material for the film. Directed by Pao Maso (Bloody Weekend), Borderline stars a small Romanian cast including Paula Ortiz, Mireila Valles, and Txema Lorente. The Spanish language film is currently looking for distribution, so if that's your gig, check out Borderline. For those of us who just like watching films, check out the trailer, synopsis, poster, and some stills from the film below.

"The poster shows two sisters alone and at odds with each other, in a remote forest. The story continues with the scattering of ashes. Maria (Vallès) and Silvia (Ortiz) have lost their mother and they have decided to put her to rest, in the nearby forest. One of the sisters becomes unhinged by the loss. Her mental instability leads to tragedy as the other sibling and others do their best to survive this dark encounter."

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