Prepare To Be 'Getting Schooled' February the 7th

Our good friends at Brain Damage Films are set to drop some learning on you when the horror/comedy Getting Schooled opens on February the 7th. Distributed through Midnight Releasing, directed and co-written by Chuck Norfolk, Getting Schooled stars Mayra Leal, Tom Long, Roland Ruiz and the immortal Ron Jeremy. You can check out the film on all the usual VOD platforms on February 7th. Below you can find the poster, the synopsis, the trailer and some stills from Getting Schooled and dial up the film when its released to support indie horror.

"In 1983, a group of high school students stuck in a day of detention, must run for their lives, when a teacher in a wheel chair turns out to be an ex black-ops soldier having a murderous flashback. The wily pack of misfits fight to the death as they are trapped inside the school with the torturous psycho."

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