Jessica Cameron's 'Truth or Dare' Now Available On DVD

Here's a distribution announcement we've been waiting for for a really long time. Friend of the site and all around bad ass Jessica Cameron has dropped us a line regarding the distribution of her film Truth or Dare. Directed and Co-Written by Cameron, Truth or Dare destroyed the festival circuit a couple of years ago, but it's controversial reputation and disturbing content left it in distribution hell. Now, thanks to the good folks at Invincible Pictures, you can pick up a physical copy of the film at many of your favorite brick and mortar stores like FYE and Family Video. You can also purchase the film at your favorite online retailers like Amazon (Truth Or Dare), Barnes and Noble, and Best Buy.

Truth or Dare stars Cameron, along with her bff Heather Dorff (check out their YouTube exploits on her show Scream Queen Stream), acquaintance of the site Devanny Pinn and Ryan Kiser. Cameron talks about her excitement over the film finally finding a home: "I am so thankful to work with Invisible Pictures on the release of my first film, Truth or Dare, which is very graphic in nature. Many distributors wanted to trim down the more graphic scenes for the release, I did not want to see that happen, Invincible Pictures was excited about it in all its graphic glory which was important to me. I am very excited for fans to get their hands on the release, which is my original cut not shown to now." Check out a brief synopsis of the film below along with the DVD jacket cover and a trailer below.

Stay tuned to DreadWorld, or check out the Truth or Dare Facebook page for upcoming information regarding additional purchase locations and VOD distribution.

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