Pre-Production begins on 'Darkest Night'

"The blood will come full circle" promises the press release announcing the upcoming film Darkest Night. Based upon Michael Sean Erickson's book of the same name, Darkest Night, has begun pre-production, aiming for an October 2017 release. Filming is set to commence shortly in Los Angeles. Darkest Night is set to star friend of the site, the venerable Bill Oberste Jr. along with Robert LaSardo and Noel Gugliemi. Check out the synopsis for Darkest Night below along with a couple images from the book.

"The Mudd Family lives on the edge of darkness. Convinced that there is a beast in the woods coming for them, and despised by the residents of a nearby small town who believe that they are religious zealots, the Mudds undertake extreme measures to keep the beast and the townsfolk from invading their land.

The Mudds harbor disturbing secrets, and they wonder if the beast actually lives in their hearts as much as in the shadows. When the police accuse them of kidnapping two girls, the darkness overwhelms them all and the beast comes out to play!"

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