Psychological Torture Film 'Fractional' Now Available For your Perusal

One of the best films that we saw way back in 2014, Fractional (Review HERE), is finally available on many VOD platforms including Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Google Play. Written and directed by Malcolm Deegan, Fractional had a ridiculously successful festival run followed by a DVD release last year. The film stars Desmond Daly, Peter O'Toole, and Donna Bradley. We thought it was a powerful two man play set within the motif of a torture film - if that sounds like your deal, definitely check out Fractional.

"A psychiatrist, John Hatchett, wakes up tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse.Left with no food, water, or chance to escape, Johns only weapons are his mind and must use them to full effect a man called David Crowe - a former patient who is not of sound mental capacity. Not every thing John Hatchett tells Crowe is as it seems. John has a past that he wishes to remain secret...A secret David Crowe is willing to do anything to reveal..."

fractional short trailer from Mal Deegan on Vimeo.

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