'Northbound' Starts Production On Season 2

We've been hitting the pavement pretty hard in support of the Geeknation sci-fi series Northbound. We gave you some links to check out season 1, which you can do HERE, and then dropped info on the Kickstarter campaign launched for season 2. Well we hare happy to say that the Kickstarter campaign was successful enough to launch the first four episodes of Northbound Season 2.

Your contributions will allow the shows creators to bring back season one's main stars, along with a couple fun surprises for season two! Filmed exclusively in Michigan's upper peninsula, season two "looks to delve deeper into the mystery as to why millions of the U.S. population died off one day, and continues to follow the harrowing struggles of father Alex and his comatose daughter Crystal as they find themselves in the middle of a fractured cease-fire between rival survivalist camps; the pacifist Infinity Group and The Firewalkers militia." Check out more cool stuff from Northbound at the following places, including your opportunity to purchase the soundtrack on iTunes.

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