DreadWorld Product Review: Unboxing November's Horrorpack

Here's a fun little thing about us here at DreadWorld - we like things. We like when folks send us things. Even better we like when folks send us awesome things. When the good folks behind the monthly Horror DVD/Blu-Ray subscription service, HorrorPack, reached out to us to see of we wanted to take a gander at their November HorrorPack, it took us all of like 12 seconds to respond with a resounding "Fuck Yeah!"

Here are the quick details of what HorrorPack is and how HorrorPack works, then we will dive bloody face first into the November Pack. As a human being that lives and breathes you should be familiar with the "pack" or "box" concept. But...just in case you've recently woken up from a Dead Zone like coma, here's how the service works. You, the curious consumer, head over to HorrorPack.com and decide how much of a commitment you would like to make.

Unlike other services, HorrorPack doesn't require any lengthy commitments. You can simply go month to month ordering your Pack should you deem that you have the extra cash. Other plans are available from 3 months to a year with the requisite discounts built in based on your length of commitment. Those folks who chose the year long package with also receive a bonus - and bonuses are cool.

So what do you get for your hard earned cash? Every month, like clockwork, a little cardboard box will arrive containing 4 DVD's or Blu-Ray films (depending on the service you've selected). Right off the bat you have horror 4 horror films and mail! Each Pack usually contains "a classic or two" an indie title, and most recently some HorrorPack exclusives. These are indie films picked up from the festival scene that are made available for the first time through the HorrorPack service. So what did DreadWorld's November HorrorPack include? Let's take a look shall we?

Up first is John Gulagher's Feast. Made against the backdrop of the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck series Project Greenlight, Feast is a modern day creature feature that's covered in more goop and grime than any film really has any right to be. If you are a horror fan and haven't seen Feast you are really missing out. The Blu-Ray included with November's HorrorPack is chocked full of extras and will make a tremendous addition to any fans collection.

The second film in the Pack is another classic - this one straight from the mid-80's. It's the Stephen King/George Romero sequel project Creepshow 2. One of the better anthologies to come out of of the time period, Creepshow 2 is perhaps best known for the absolute stone cold classic segment, "The Raft." It's the perfect Pack inclusion for fans of King, Romero, or that late 80's vibe.

We mentioned above that HorrorPack has gotten into exclusives, and what an exclusive they have this month! Fans of retro 80's slashers will love Knucklebones. David Lee Roth song jokes aside, you can check out our review of the film HERE. It's always awesome to see quality independent horror getting a chance, and the good folks behind HorrorPack are doing just that with releases like Knucklebones.

The final film in the November HorrorPack is actually two films! As a surprise the final entry into the pack is the Mill Creek pairing of two under the radar films: Demonic (aka Forest of the Damned) and Uninvited. Demonic is a pretty solid lost in the woods/slasher/succubus film that stars Tom Savini from 2005. We haven't screened Uninvited as of yet, but on the strength of Demonic alone, this disc is a success.

If we were the thumbs up type of folks be would certainly give two thumbs way up - three if we were part of some freaky Cronenberg 80's flick to Novembers HorrorPack. The service is perfect for just about every horror fan You get some ell known films that maybe you had on DVD but wanted to upgrade to Blu-Ray. You will get some indie films that are brand new to Blu-Ray thanks to the good folks at HorrorPack. And finally you get some under the radar films that you might not have even thought of checking out in the first place. Overall it's a good service that we highly recommend that you check out. So head on over to HorrorPack.com and do just that.

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Once again, thanks to the good folks over at HorrorPack for providing us with their November Pack as a sample. It was much appreciated!

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