'Cholos vs. Vampires' Is a Thing...Well Almost. That's where you come In...

In a world where half of the SyFy Channels programming is something versus something else, the weirdest thing I've seen in a long time is titled Cholos Vs. Vampires. But before you go blowing chuckle snot in your fruit loops, know that this project comes with something that all of those other terrible films don't have...heart. The brainchild of Hector Barron and Scott Hahn, Cholos Vs. Vampires, has had to take to Kickstarter to raise finds after the studio heads all had trouble green lighting a film with this many Latinos. Maybe not...but they still need your help..and they've enlisted some awesome friends to help get your attention, and hopefully some of your dollars.

Stepping up to the plate and helping raise awareness of the Cholos Vs. Zombies Kickstarter campaign are none other than indie director extraordinaire Mark Borchardt (American Movie), Hollywood Icon Corey Feldman (The Goonies) and a parody version of Zack Braff. Which, let's face it is funnier than the real Zack Braff...God I hate "Scrubs"...but I digress. Seriously though, head over to the Cholos Vs, Vampires Kickstarter page, throw some of your hard earned cash at the project, grab a nifty prize, watch some funny videos, and help make some independent horror cinema.

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