Check out a Hilarious Clip From The Upcoming Comedy Series 'Linnea and Lacey: Millennial Witches'

Millennials...thank you for your clicks! But come on...can we take it down a notch? Apparently we here at the DW are now old men shaking their angry fists on the lawn. The point is there is no suppressing the next generation, no matter how annoying they may be. But thanks to Linnea Sage and Lacey Jeka we have a whole new way to laugh at them with some supernatural fun through the in-development comedy series Linnea and Lacey: Millennial Witches. You can check out the pretty funny sneak peak from the show below. along with a short lazily cut and paste job containing the synopsis as well. We will have more updates on Linnea and Lacey: Millennial Witches in the future.

"The series tells of an unlikely friendship between a good witch and a bad witch. Linnea and Lacey are best friends, in a world full of mortals who couldn't care less about their magical abilities."

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