Charles Band's 'Head of the Family' Hits Blu-Ray Just In Time For The Holidays

One of the cooler things that's happened over the last couple of years is the dusting off of some of Charles Bands old features and their subsequent release on Blu-Ray. Band, primarily known for his successful Puppet Master series, is also responsible for some of the late 20th centuries odder horror films. Case in point: Head Of The Family. This odd little film is the latest to get the Full Moon Blu-Ray treatment. You can catch the film just in time for Christmas or Hanukkah on December the 20th. So if there is someone on your list that's just a bit left of center in their horror proclivities, Head Of The Family may be right up their alley. Blake Adams, Jacqueline Lovell, J.W. Perra, Bob Schott, and Alexandra Quinn star in the film. Check out the trailer, poster, synopsis, and some stills from the film below.

"Lance and Loretta are having a torrid affair behind her husband Howard's back. The problem is that Howard is brutal thug who is bound to catch the cheating pair sooner or later. To solve this problem, the lovers hatch a plan involving the Stackpoole family: a collection of misshapen freaks who waylay unsuspecting travelers and dissect them in gruesome experiments. Unfortunately, things don't go quite according to plan."

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