The New 'Wolf Mother' Trailer is Not For the Faint of Heart

Our (hopefully) soon to be good friends at JoBlo have dropped a second trailer for Erik Peter Carlson's latest film Wolf Mother. The red band trailer is dubbed as being "Not for the faint of heart" which you can judge for yourself. Heart issues aside, it's a pretty fucking awesome trailer, check it out below. Wolf Mother stars Najarra Townsend, Kevin Pinassi, and Tim Sizemore.

Bucking the normal distribution trends, Wolf Mother will premiere on Joblo's YouTube channel November the 3rd and run through the 13th. The film will launch Joeblo's Movie Network YouTube Channel. Following it's run on JoBlo's YouTube Channel the film is slated to have a theatrical run and digital release sometime in 2017. So, check out the new trailer along with the synopsis and some other images from the film.

"In the story,a high profile child abduction case has taken place in San Francisco, California. A former Hollywood icon, Zelda sets out to find the child. Along the way she meets Ben (Kevin Pinassi), a misogynistic petty thief. Together they will have to find a way to overcome their personal demons, if they want to find the missing girl."

Wolf Mother on Facebook. IMDB. Twitter.

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