The 'Antidote' Could Be Fatal This October

A couple of years ago, the independent horror film Viscera knocked audiences dead at ScreamFest in Los Angeles. Re-branded as Antidote, the film had a limited release after it's festival run. Now, the good folks over at Terror Films have unearthed Antidote and are preparing to give it a wide release on October the 21st after acquiring the rights from directors Craig and Pete DiFolco. The film will be available on all the usual VOD and On Demand digital platforms. You can pre-order Antidote on iTunes HERE. Check out the poster, a still from the film, the and synopsis for Antidote below.

"Antidote takes place in a plague-ridden, post apocalyptic world. Here, a man and a woman face unimaginable horrors. When he suddenly becomes infected, the have to contend with the fact that the only possible cure slowly drives him mad." Head on over to the Terror Films site for more information on Antidote.

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