Terror Films 'Goddess of Love' Available Today

For the last few weeks we've been bringing you clips in anticipation of the release of Terror Films erotic thriller, Goddess of Love on October 7th. Well, that day has finally arrived and the good folks at Terror Films are celebrating the films release with yet another two clips from the film, one is suggestively called "Kitty Love" the other is called "Window Stalking." You can check both of those clips out below along with the synopsis for the film, the films poster, and the official trailer for Goddess of Love. Then, after you've checked out all of those goodies, dial up whichever streaming video service you prefer, the film is available on virtually all of them, sit back and enjoy.

" Venus (Alexis Kendra), a lonely, eccentric woman meets Brian (Woody Naismith), the man of her dreams. A sexually fueled, passionate relationship begins. But, as time progresses, that wonderful honeymoon-phase dissipates. Brian breaks things off when his old fling, Christine (Elizabeth Sandy) comes back into his life. Completely destroyed, Venus begins a downward spiral into madness as she acts on her twisted fantasies of love and revenge."

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