Some Things Belong to The Sea in 'Dark Blue'

Written,directed, and produced by Michael Segal (Anger of the Dead), Dark Blue is the latest independent thriller from Permanent Memories Productions. The film marks the directorial debut of Segal and stars him, as well as Roberto D'Antona, Flavia Sabatino, and David White. You can check out an extended synopsis for the upcoming film,along with the films trailer, an early poster, and some stills. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any upcoming developments regarding the release of Dark Blue.

"The story describes the discovery of ship that sank in the Mediterranean Sea during the 1930’s, which was carrying a precious cargo (the daughters of the Norwegian sea god Aegir)and was heading towards the Vatican City and departed from a Norwegian port in order to avoid the German nazis and the Italian fascists.

The vessel had left in secrecy and the legends which were born around the ship called MIORGAROSORMR, never wanted it to exist. The sinister fire that destroyed the norwegian harbor of Trondenheim after its leaving, erased any proof of its existence. What the two scuba-divers didn’t know, is that the ship was protected and guarded by a mythical Celtic creature, that may still be there. The tag line of the movie is: Some things belong to sea and should stay there."

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