Solvenia's First Horror Film, 'Killbillies' Hits DVD and VOD

If you had told me that I would be writing about Solvenian horror this afternoon, I would have said "Bitch, you crazy." Then I would have apologized, because I shouldn't have called you you a "bitch." But you would be right. Our good friends over at Artsploitation Films are set to drop the first ever Slavenian horror film, Killbillies (Idyll) for general public consumption on October the 25th. Killbillies will be made available both on DVD and all the various places you'd usually look for streaming films. Until then, take a look at the official trailer, the films synopsis, and its poster.

"Killbilllies (aka: Idyll,Idila) depicts a harrowing tale of abduction, violence and hoped-for survival, in Slovenia's first ever horror movie. A group of fashionistas from the city, including models Zina and Mia, make-up artist Dragica and photographer Blitcz, begin to shoot on an idyllic countryside hilltop. But soon, two physically deformed psychopathic countrymen approach them and quickly attack. After the terrified group finds themselves chained in a basement and awaiting their gruesome fate, they decide they must fight no matter what the odds."
Killbillies - Trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

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