Short 'Night of the Slasher' Brings The Scares and The Laughs

The first official Vimeo Horror Staff Pick, Night of the Slasher is now available for you, the average Jane or Joe to peruse. It's a funny, sexy, scary, 10 minutes that you'll be extremely happy you took the time to watch. The short was directed and produced by Shant Hamassian and stars Lily Berlina (108 Stitches) as the young ingenue hell bent on luring a slasher to a final confrontation. Joining Berlina are Scott Javore as the Bait and Adam Lesar as the Slasher. You can check out Night of the Slasher, which stands as a proof of concept for hopefully, and upcoming feature film below along with some other goodies including the poster below.

Shot in one take, the short details a young woman's desperate attempt to force a return confrontation with a horror film slasher. Director Shant Hamassian spoke about his short recently "Night of the Slasher transcends genres, from horror to slasher to teen drama. The timing is perfect for the project now as more and more doors have opened for my work and these types of bold stories. We’re presently in discussions with serious industry players in regards to the feature becoming a reality” 

Night of the Slasher from Shant Hamassian on Vimeo.

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