'The Dark Stranger' Premieres In The US Today

So here is some timely, awesome news from our good friends at Terror Films. Their latest release, The Dark Stranger premiere's for those of us in the good ol' US of A today! The film is top lined by Stephen McHattie, who you definitely should remember for his awesome turn in Pontypool. He is joined by Kate Findlay ("How To Get Away With Murder") and veteran television star Enrico Colantoni. Directed by Chris Trebilcock, he film is now available in the US on all the usual Video On Demand services, including iTunes. In celebration of the films US release, Terror Films have dropped two new clips titled "Dangerous Art" and "Bedtime Lurking" respectively. You can catch those clips along with the poster, synopsis, and official trailer for The Dark Stranger below.

"The film centers on Leah (Findlay), a talented young artist She is recovering from a recent traumatic event and afraid to leave her own home. While recovering, her father is visited by a suspicious art curator, looking into her family’s past. As part of her therapy, she begins drawing a graphic novel in which an ominous Dark Stranger (McHattie) pursues a lonely girl doll, across a foreboding fairy tale landscape. As the work on the novel progresses, Leah begins to see the Dark Stranger in real life. At first, she isn’t sure if she is completely losing her mind, or if the Stranger is a deadly supernatural force, trying to destroy her."

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