Jason Horton To Release Ultimate Edition of 'Monster in the Woods'

Back in 2012 director Jason Horton's low budget forest based horror, Monster in the Woods was released. Now, Horton has brought the film back, this time restored as close to his definitive version as possible. Now dubbed A Directors Cut: Monster in the Woods, the film will be made available on October the 4th via Amazon Instant. The new version of the film has been not only re-edited, but also contains never before seen footage. Keep an eye out for the DVD version of the film sometime in 2017. Check out a brief synopsis of A Directors Cur: Monster In The Woods, along with the trailer, poster, and a couple stills from the film.

"The film’s story involves a film production crew. They are shooting a new, no-budget horror film, when attacked in the woods. They are forced to band together, to fight these creatures. But, they are woefully underprepared for this menace. Now, this shoot is way over budget!"

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