Full Moon's 'Meridian' Hits Blu-Ray Later This Month

Charles Band and the good folks over at the legendary Full Moon Entertainment (think the "Puppet Master" series) have been diligently dusting off their archives in the last few months. They've released a string of classic Full Moon films, many for the first time, on Blu-Ray. The latest film from the Full Moon vaults to get it's virgin run on Blu Ray is the gothic horror love story Meridian. Starring Sherilyn Fenn of "Twin Peaks" fame, Meridian, which was originally released in 1990, will finally hit Blu ray on October the 24th. Check out an extended synopsis for the film along with the synopsis, stills and poster below.

Catherine Bomarzini (SHERILYN FENN; “Twin Peaks”, “Fatal Instinct”, “Gilmore Girls”) returns to the family castle in Italy after her father’s death and gets caught in the web of a mysterious love triangle: a man (MALCOM JAMIESON) who is at times repulsive, at other times enchanting; and a creature of the night whose gentle eyes and touch reveal his infinite love and devotion.

With the help of Martha (HILARY MASON), her faithful childhood nanny, and the ghost of a slain young girl, Catherine discovers the medieval curse that threatens their lives and only she can dispel.

Meridian Trailer from Full Moon Features on Vimeo.

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