Full Moon Bringing Jess Franco's 'Marquise De Sade' To DVD (NSFW)

Spanish director Jess Franco was notorious for pushing the cinematic boundaries of both gore and sexuality. He never shied away from challenging the the social morays of good taste. now, thanks to the good folks over at Full Moon Entertainment, you will be able to catch one of Franco's most controversial films, Marquise De Sade on DVD on October the 24th. Digitally restored and remastered, the film stars longtime Franco muse Lina Romay. Read through the synopsis of the film below and then check out some NSFW images from the film below.

"A lonely aristocrat Miss Gray has a twin sister who's in an asylum. They share a strange bond. Miss Gray is rational but frigid while her sister is insane yet feels sexual pleasure for both of them. Soon, a female reporter arrives at the mansion - Miss Gray possesses vampire like qualities and lives alone when new reporter comes to do a story on her. It appears Doriana needs to suck the life out of various men and women - in a sexual way, in order to stay young. However, she gets no sexual feelings or pleasure out of it. Those ‘feelings’ go to her TWIN sister who is locked up in an asylum. There she goes through various sexual ‘violent and sexual fits’ whenever Doriana is pleasing and killing."

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