Creepy Kids Return For Revenge in 'The Terrible Two'

We've said it before, but we'll say it again: We Hate Creepy Kids! Which of course means that we are going to be deluged with a ton of creepy kid press releases. That's not true, but our good friends over at Orange St. Films have given us a look at their latest feature, the creepy kid filled, The Terrible Two. Written and directed by Billy Lewis (The Jailhouse), The Terrible Two stars Reid Doyle and Cari Moskow as a grieving set of parents who have to come to grips with evil after the passing of ther daughters. Take a gander at the films poster, synopsis, trailer and some stills below and check back here in the future for more news on The Terrible Two.

"The Terrible Two follows Albert and Rose Poe as they approach the first anniversary of the death of their daughters, Addi and Jade.  As the day comes and goes, Rose continues to struggle to come to grips with the loss of her only children.  She begins hearing the girls' voices throughout the house.  The whispers lead her to the attic where she discovers an old manuscript with shocking revelations.  After reading the book and looking into the history of the house, secrets are revealed that something sinister is happening within the walls, something that led to the deaths of Addi and Jade.   Soon Albert and Rose find themselves prisoners of their precious little girls in "the safety" of their own home."

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