Check Out The First Trailer for 'Moggy Creatures'

Just in time for Halloween comes the first trailer for the new "purrfectly horrific" Moggy Creatures. No, we don't know what the hell "Moggy" means (and we are far too lazy to do any research), but we will say that the concept and trailer are right up our alley. Written, directed, and produced by Scott Frazelle, Moggy Creatures stars genre vets Michael Moon (Day of the Dead 2: Contagium) and Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6). Check out the fist trailer and poster, along with an extended synopsis for Moggy Creatures below.

"Michael and Anna are leftovers of the Hollywood dream; he was once a promising actor, she an aspiring photographer. They cling to their artistic dreams, but their bond has thinned over the years and a devastating loss. Their new fixer-upper, far from the Hollywood Hills, offers some solace when they bring in a stray cat and it has kittens. Anna loves the new pets, finds a rewarding job, and turns back to Michael, who also finds a new opportunities. But as the kittens grow at a shocking pace, they begin influencing Anna and testing Michael. Anna's behavior becomes tortured and irrational, the now grown cats more intelligent, and Michael can no longer tell where reality lies-until one final growth spurt reveals what they are, and what he must do."

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