Controversial Dutch Film 'Meat' Hits DVD and VOD Tomorrow

After a long 6 year wait the controversial Dutch surreal erotic thriller, Meat, is finally ready for mass consumption. The film will be available tomorrow, September the 20th on both DVD and VOD via our good friends over at Artsploitation films. Co-directed by Maarte Seyferth and Victor Nieuwenhuijs, Meat has been called everything from "stunning" to "haunting." You can see the film, starting tomorrow on all the usual VOD platforms (Amazon, Vimeo, YouTube) or if physical media is still your thing, you can pick up the DVD via Amazon HERE. Check out the poster, synopsis, and very NSFW trailer for Meat below.

"A large, lustful butcher, used to living out his sexual fantasies in the shop, becomes interested in his young female apprentice. The girl, documenting everything with  a video camera, enthusiastically gets involved with him. But when the butcher is murdered and a police inspector, who looks exactly like the dead butcher, investigates the crime, the story takes on a dreamlike quality."

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