Post-Apocalyptic Thriller 'Daylight's End' Hits Theaters Tomorrow

Daylight's End, the post-apocalyptic which had it's world premiere earlier this year at the Dallas International Film Festival is set to embark on a 20 city theatrical run tomorrow. The film will also be available on on over 30 VOD platforms including Comcast, Time Warner, and iTunes. Starring actor/composer Mark Strong, horror icon Lance Henriksen, and Louis Mandylor, Daylight's End's theatrical launch will last for at least 7 days in most situations giving you ample time to see the film. Check out the poster, trailer, synopsis, a couple stills from the film, and a listing of theaters showing the film below.

"Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood hungry creatures, a rogue drifter on a vengeful hunt stumbles across a band of survivors in an abandoned police station and reluctantly agrees to help them defend themselves and escape to the sanctuary they so desperately need."

Theater Listing For Daylight's End:

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