Grin From Fear To Fear In 'The Neon Dead'

Our friends over at Wild Eye Releasing are set to unleash the debut feature from effects maestro Torey Haas (V/H/S Viral), The Neon Dead. Starring Marie Barker, Mark Ashworth, and Greg Garrison, The Neon Dead will be available to rent or own on DVD and VOD on September the 13th. Check out the synopsis, trailer, poster, and some other goodies we;ve pilfered from the press release below.

"An unemployed college graduate hires two paranormal exterminators to combat a monster infestation in her new home. But their prodding into an evil out of their depth unleashes an ancient demon. He and his army of monsters quickly overrun the home, intent on possessing every human they make contact with."

The DVD release will contain a number of exclusive bonus features including: a feature length commentary with director Torey Haas, bonus scenes, and two monster shorts from Haas (First Date and Troll Picnic).

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