Tricia Lee's 'Blood Hunters' To Premiere At FrightFest

Friend of the site, Canadian director Tricia Lee, is ready to drop her latest film the creature feature Blood Hunters (fka One Drop) at Horror Channel FrightFest next month. The UK's premiere horror festival was founded in 2000 and will be entering it's 17th incarnation. It's become the premiere UK horror festival.

Blood Hunters is described as a "character driven drama about a single mother who wakes up i a medical facility to find out that everyone is dead and she is some how nine months pregnant." The film was directed by Lee and written by her collaborator Corey Brown (Silent Retreat review HERE). The film stars Lara Gilchrist ("Battlestar Gallactica"), Benjamin Arthur (Working the Engles) and Torri Higginson ("Stargate:Atlantis).

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