'The Unkindness Of Ravens' To World Premiere At FrightFest

Awesome news broke earlier this week as our good friend Lawrie Brewster's latest film, The Unkindness of Ravens, has been selected to have its world premiere at the prestigious London FrightFest this August! The film, Brewsters second directorial effort after the critically acclaimed Lord of Tears, was penned by "Tears" scribe Sarah Daly and stars Jamie Scott Gordon. Check out the poster, synopsis, trailer, some gifs and some pics from the film below.

"The film tells the story of Andrew, a homeless veteran suffering from PTSD. Haunted by flashbacks of the traumatic events he witnessed while serving in the armed forces, Andrew travels to the remote Scottish Highlands. There, he hopes to overcome his fear of ravens, the dark creatures that trigger his visions, but, in the bleak wilderness, his nightmares take a form more terrifying than he could possibly imagine. He must battle these monsters along with his on inner demons in order to keep his life, and regain his sanity."

Horror Channel FrightFest runs August the 25th through the 29th. It is set to feature the latest film from Adam Wingard, The Woods, as well as the latest Stephen King adaptation, Cell, starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. You can pre-order The Unkindness of Ravens and learn morea about the film HERE.

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