Terror Films To Distribute 'Savageland'

It wasn't two days ago that we brought you the exciting news that our good friends over at Terror Films had acquired the distribution rights the the psycho-sexual thriller Goddess of Love (HERE). We mentioned that Terror Films had been on a roll, piking up quite a few projects for distribution recently. Little did we know it would be only a couple of days later before we would be able to help spread the news of another awesome sounding project set to be unleashed on North America by Terror Films.

Savageland, the latest film by Simon Herbert, along with Phil Guidry, and David Whelan (collectively known as The Massive) recently finished a very successful festival run and has now been picked up by Terror films for North American distribution. The film is about "a small town on the Arizona-Mexico border that is wiped out overnight. Suspicion falls on the lone survivor, until a roll of photos the survivor took that night, tells a different and chilling story."

Terror Films’ executive Jim Klock discovered the film and stated: what struck me about the film right away was the level of realism, the filmmaker’s ability to create a rich documentary style world and a film with a feeling that we are watching something we maybe shouldn't be watching.” Terror Films is planning a large release for Savageland in 2017. 

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