Terror Films and Raven Banner Partnership Means Awesomeness For Canada

Last week, or maybe it was the week before, it's been a bit hazy for us around the DW offices for the last week or so, Terror Films and Raven Banner announced a distribution partnership up in the great white north. All of our Rush loving fans get to reap the benefits of the multi-picture distribution deal. Check out some tasty tidbits we've cut and pasted from the press release along with quotes from representatives from both companies below.

"U.S. genre distributor, Terror Films has signed a multi-picture deal with Canadian based distributor, Raven Banner Releasing. The Canadian releases will include a variety of award winning horror and thriller content from Terror Films’ 2016 slate. Among them are: the erotic femme fatale thriller Goddess of Love, House Of Purgatory - about a group of teens who go into a haunted house which knows their secrets, Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary - a documentary chronicling the journey of Stephen King’s iconic horror film Pet Sematary from novel script to screen, Antidote about a plague stricken post-apocalyptic world, Hell House LLC a found footage film about a haunted house attraction that goes terribly wrong and Patient Seven - an original anthology produced by Terror Films. Patient Seven stars: Michael Ironside, Jack Plotnick and featuring segments with Amy Smart, Alfie Allen and Doug Jones.  

The two companies already have a working relationship, with Terror Films handling the U.S. distribution on Raven Banner titles. The Dark Stranger and The House On Pine Street are both due out in a wide ancillary release by early fall. While Raven Banner will oversee the distribution of Terror Films content in Canada, Automatic Entertainment will continue to act as the official foreign sales arm, placing the company’s films all over the World."

Joe Dain of Terror Films...stated: “this new alliance, with a top notch distributor like Raven Banner handling our content in Canada, combined with our incredible foreign sales team at Automatic and our U.S. ancillary relationships truly solidifies Terror Films as one of the more aggressive, non-Studio distributors operating in the genre space. We now have the ability to distribute our films across multiple platforms, worldwide!”

James Fler said of the newly formed relationship:, "we, at Raven Banner, are thrilled to further develop our relationship with Terror Films. Strategic partnerships with like minded companies such as Terror Films, will enable us to continue to bring quality content to the Canadian marketplace.”

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