Patricia Chica's Short 'Crimson Dance' To Premiere at Fantasia

We get sent a lot of weird shit here at the DW. Most of it is way above what our tiny little minds can process, so we usually ignore it. But every once in a while something comes along that is way left of center, but still makes us stand up and take notice. When said thing also happens to convey a very powerful message that needs to resonate with the collective social conscious, we are more than happy to strain really hard to understand it, then bring it to you the loyal reader.

The project in this case is a short film by friend of the site film maker Patricia Chica, Titled Crimson Dance, the film is set to have it's world premiere at the Fantasia FilmFest on Friday July the 22nd at 9pm in the de Seve Theater at Concordia University. The premiere will be followed by a second screening on Wednesday the 27th.

Headlined by indie horror icon Tiffany Shepis, Crimson Dance conveys an important message regarding the desperate need oi blood donations and the greater good that can be done with a simple donation. Shepis acts as your burlesque host while fellow scream queen Tonya Kay delivers a sensual dance illustrating Chicas vision.

We've gotten a look at the 3 minute short and can tell you it's as sensual as it's message is powerful. If you plan on attending Fantasia later this month, definitely add Patricia Chica's film Crimson Dance to your viewing docket.

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