Jared Masters Horror/Fantasy 'Amethyst' Begins Filming

Jared Masters, the man behind avant-garde horror titles Ballet of Blood and After School Massacre, has stared shooting his latest feature, simply titled Amethyst. Starring newcomer Grace Klich as the title character, along with Valerie Miller as Ember, and Derrick Beidenback, Amethyst is being shot in 4K with an anticipated release date sometime in the fall of 2016. Check out the synopsis, poster and a couple early shots from the film below.

"Amethyst is the surreal true story of a beautiful birthday girl, whose 16 innocent years on earth are extremely disrupted by the celebration of her turning 17. It comes in the form of a dropper bottle, a full vile. It was intended for the entire party, but without thinking she consumes it all. Her quick decent into horrifying hallucinations transpire, as she explores her mother’s garden, with her best friend Ember, who tragically gave her the gift, in pursuit."

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