'Feed the Devil' This August

What do you do if the devil is hungry? Why you feed him of course. And you will have the chance to do just that on August the 2nd when director Max Perrier's latest film, Feed the Devil hits VOD. The film stars genre vet Jared Cohn (Pernicious - Review HERE) along with Ardis Barrow and Victoria Curtain. Check out the poster, trailer, synopsis, and some stills from Feed the Devil below.

"Given a map to marijuana planted in the remote wilderness of Alaska, Marcus and his girlfriend Stella head off on an expedition to cut down the crop and make easy money. The mission quickly turns deadly when Stella vanishes and the quest to find her uncovers a trail of victims tied to an ancient Indian myth. The search becomes a lethal game of survival when they are hunted down by the demonic beast behind the legend."

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