Check out the Trailer For 'Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul'

Every once in a while an awesome trailer mysteriously appears in the DreadWorld inbox. And by "mysteriously" I mean I have no idea how the machinations regarding the sending of digital information works, but that really isn't the point. What IS the point is the fact that the trailer for the upcoming film Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul sent to us by writer/director and newly dubbed "friend of the site" Nicholas Wagner, is pretty damn awesome. The film stars Ryan Kaiser, Bart Delbicki and Elena Delia, take a look at the trailer below along with the film's log line and a couple of stills.

"A cult of killers resurrects a pagan goddess that feeds on the burnt flesh of her lovers." What is more DreadWorld than that very sentence? Cults...burnt flesh...? We can't think of anything...but then again we aren't the most imaginative so we will go with it. Semantics aside, the trailer for Shelter of the Bloodstained Soul kicks all kinds of ass. Look for the film later this year. Until then head over to the films official website and Facebook page for more details.

Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul (Trailer 2016) from Nicholas Wagner on Vimeo.

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