Anthology 'My Master Satan' Now Available

We always love new shit around the DreadWorld offices. New beers, new pants, new ways to eat beef and cheese. But the new things we like the most are hearing from film makers about their new films. So imagine our happiness when we got an e-mail from Satan himself! Satan hath bequeathed on us a brand new anthology film, shot on video to give it that extra grimy feel appropriately titled My Master Satan: 3 Drug Fueled Tales of Violence. Directed by up and coming Denver film maker Dakota Bailey, My Master Satan is currently available for purchase on DVD (only $5.99!) and streaming on Amazon. Check out the synopsis and official trailer for the film below and check out more about the film on its official Facebook page.

"In the first tale, Bubba (Matt Marshall) enlists Alister's help to exhume his deceased unfaithful wife who he murdered. After, the two of them decide to take some LSD resulting in an acid trip where they briefly see Satan. In the second tale, Alister and his twisted friend, Charlie (Brian Knapp) go out for a night of deviance and committing crimes such as home invasion and murder. In the third and final tale, Alister and Bubba go on a quest for more LSD, meeting their serial killer friend Woody and committing violent acts along the way and finally having the ultimate ritualistic acid trip that once again brings them face to face with Satan himself."

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