'Worry Dolls' Gets A UK Release Date

After a successful screening at AFM earlier this year, Padraigh Reynold's (Rites of Spring - Review HERE) latest feature Worry Dolls is set to be released on June the 27th in the United Kingdom. Starring Christopher Weihl (Jericho), Kym Jackson (Iron Sky) and Samantha Smith (Transformers), The film recently wrapped up a very successful festival run. Look for an announcement regarding the North American release of the film coming from our good friends at IFC very shortly. Until then, take a gander at the poster, trailer, and synopsis for Worry Dolls below.

"In the aftermath of the hunt for a notorious serial killer, Henry Leonard Bale, a peaceful town erupts in a chain of random, brutal murders. Detective Matt Williams that these killings are linked to and ancient set of Worry Dolls that was gifted to Bale when he was a boy. Now, with the curse unleashed upon the town and his young daughter's life hanging in the balance, Detective Williams is pitted against the clock to find the dolls and break their curse in order to save her life."

WORRY DOLLS - TRAILER from Jinga Films on Vimeo.

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