'The Dooms Chapel Horror' Invades DVD Today

Our good friends at Midnight Releasing and Brain Damage Films are releasing their latest feature, The Dooms Chapel Horror, today (June 14th) on DVD. The independent horror film from director John William Holt and writer Jason Turner will also hit all the usual video on demand formats this week. The film stars friend of the site Bill Oberst Jr., Joshua Mark Robinson, Sean Gerardo, and Wendy Kneeling. Check out the synopsis, trailer, poster, and some other fun goodies below.

"Kyle Cole returns home for the first time in nearly 10 years with the hopes of healing the emotional woulds caused by a family tragedy. What he finds is that the town and his family are not ready for the same. However, a mysterious man, Jordan, has been waiting for him with an evil plan."

Take a look at the mysterious town of Kaler Mills in these clips. Then head over to Twitter, Facebook, and Brain Damage Films for more information regarding The Dooms Chapel Horror.

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