The Architect Revealed in New 'House of Screaming Death' Trailer

As any fans of the site know, we've been pretty stoked about is the Hammer inspired anthology The House of Screaming Death. Our good friend and co-writer/co-director David Hastings dropped us a line earlier in the week with some exciting news. Not only is the new trailer for The House of Screaming Death ready to go, but it's accompanied with some ridiculously awesome casting news. The Architect, the films main driving force, is played by none other than the legendary Ian McNeice. You may remember McNeice from his roles in From Hell, or White Noise, and well he certainly was excellent in those roles, all you need to know about McNeice is that he played Sir Winston Churchill in four episodes of "Doctor Who." But enough of us waxing McNeices and the films chain, take a gander at some strategically (and yes, lazily) cut and pasted quotes from the press release along with the films synopsis, that new trailer and some cool images.

"Set in the mysterious Bray Manor, one eerie night, a mysterious figure known only as The Architect (Ian McNeice), is ready to tell fours tales of terror to select guests he has with him. Stories that dwell on Ghosts, Witches, Vampyres’ as well as Demonic terrors. But as the morning approaches, The Architect has one last secret of his own to tell!"

Hastings, who wrote the Architect scenes, remarks that “after reading through the script with Ian in early January, he immediately got what we were attempting to do, as well as being very impressed with the first trailer we’d released last Halloween. We discussed the role, what it meant to us as all, as well as his own ideas, which were thrilling to hear. From the first take we did on set, everyone just watched him, spellbound and you could have heard a pin drop! 

Kaush Patel, who directed The Architect segments over the course of two days in mid-February this year, observes that “when the concept of The Architect character started developing in the script we knew straight away that our film needed someone who would bring a sense of appreciation and esteem to the classic Hammer/British Gothic Horror genre that we loved. We approached Ian directly for the role and showed him the trailer and the pre-production work we had done beforehand. He was very impressed with how hard we had worked with the film so far but he also looked at our previous feature "Checking-In", which won BEST BRITISH FILM at the London Film Awards in 2014.

Ian was a pleasure to work with and bought nuances to his character that were mesmerising. Everyone on set felt that something magical was happening during his scenes. The crew were enamoured of him and we all sat around after the shoot as he told stories of the other films from his previous work. He also gave a lot of advice to the crew as to how to work in the industry, especially wanting to show his support for our younger independent filmmakers on the crew”.

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