MVD Acquires Sci-Fi Thriller 'Subterranea'

MVD Entertainment Group announced earlier this week that they have acquired the science fiction thriller Subterranea for exclusive North American distribution. The festival favorite debut from writer/director Mathew Miller stars Bug Hall (The Little Rascals) Nicholas Tuturro (The Longest Yard) and William Katt ("The Greatest American Hero"). Subterranea was inspired by the British progressive recording artist "IQ". Miller collaborated with IQ lyricist/writer/lead singer Peter Nichols on the project. Check out the lazily cut and pasted synopsis, quotes, and other goodies from Subterranea below.

Subterranea stars Bug Hall as "The Captive", who was locked in a dark cell as a small child and was raised in complete isolation, never seeing daylight or even another human being. Over twenty years later, without warning, he is released into society with nothing but the clothes on his back. Determined to find out who he is, The Captive discovers that he's the centerpiece of a dangerous orchestrated sociological experiment and sets off to find the truth about his shadowed existence, ultimately leading to a thrilling confrontation with his maker, "The Provider" (William Katt).

"When I first read Mat's script, I fell in love with the story and characters," said producer Eric D. Wilkinson. "In some ways, the film reminded me of The Man From Earth. It had that 'intellectual sci-fi feel' to it, and at the same time, really played well as a conventional thriller. Mathew is a super talented young director and I was committed to helping him realize his vision for the material. MVD is a great company that is exceptionally supportive of filmmakers and producers and I look forward to our film's release later this year."

Subterranea will debut on Digital, VOD, DVD and Blu-ray on September 13th 2016 from MVD Entertainment Group. Special Features included on the disc include two behind the scenes featurettes "The Making of Subterranea" and "On the Set of Subterranea - Timelapses, deleted scenes and the original theatrical trailer."

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