Canuxploitaion Film 'Massacre Up North' To Get DVD and VHS Treatment (NSFW)

Oh Canada. The land of hockey, "Kids in the Hall", and all 37 Hart brothers, now has a new national treasure: Shivers Entertainment. While the company has anything to do with the Cronenberg film, Shivers, other than inspiration, they are the company behind the release of infamous Canuxpolitaion film Massacre Up North. Shot on video, Massacre Up North is purported to be one of the bloodiest, most violent films ever to from the land of Mounties and moose. The film is available on both DVD and very special limited edition (70 copies) VHS. Check out the very NSFW trailer, poster, synopsis, stills, and ordering information for both the DVD and the VHS releases below.

"After a camping accident leaves him disfigured and tormented by classmates Leslie Rejick only has one thing on his mind; it's time to even the score! With a hardware store chock-full of deadly tools at his disposal he leaves behind a merciless path of death and destruction in a small Canadian town. A pair of inept city detectives, determined to track down the killer, enlist the help of eccentric local coroner Patrick. But, Patrick holds a secret of his own, and he ultimately leads the detectives head-on into a bizarre, bloody battle with the psychotic killer."

Order Massacre Up North on DVD HERE and on Limited Edition VHS HERE.

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