'Ascent to Hell' Lights Up Cannes

As the film world turns it's eyes to Cannes, it's not all about A-Listers and what bullshit designers they are wearing to some boring art film premiere. Cannes is also one of the largest film marketplaces in the world. In that vein some exciting acquisition news passed through out inbox earlier this week. APL Film has acquired the international sales rights to Rumpus Room Productions and Elpis Film's thriller/horror Ascent to Hell. Directed by Dena Hysell and starring Azura Skye and former WWE superstar John Hennigan, Ascent to Hell was inspired by the New York Triangle Factory Fire, which left hundreds dead. Check out the international sales key art and a brief synopsis of the film.

"Kate (Skye), an ambitions real estate agent has her sights set on a big contract, with a wealthy investment manager (Bill Sage). The deal is lucrative, but it is suddenly on the rocks as Kate, Mr. Browning, and the rest of the people involved in the deal must survive a mysterious supernatural trap. In order to escape with their lives, Kate must find the clues to the building's past."

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