Thriller 'Astrid's Self Portrait' to Screen In LA Next Week

We here at the DW love women. And we love to celebrate the many contributions women make to the genre we love. To that end we wanted to let you know about a very special event coming to the Egyptian Theater in LA this coming week. As part of the Women Underground series at the theater there will be a screening of Rena Riffel's DIY indie thriller, Astrid's Self Portrait. Written/directed and starring Riffel, Astrid's Self Portrait is set to show at the Egyptian in its special Spielberg Theatre. Check out the synopsis, poster, and some lazy cut a pasted information on the special screening.

"In this surreal film-within-a-film, Astrid Von Star (Riffel) attempts to make the greatest avante-guard film in history. Abruptly dismissed from her position as a top Hollywood film critic, Astrid calls on her sole surviving ex-husband (Gregory Heath) to be her personal cinematographer on the new film endeavor. As her passion overtakes her sanity, she reminisces over her seven failed marriages and the unsolved mystery that made her widow six times over. Delusions of grandeur are followed by a deadly nervous breakdown, but her abandoned footage earns critical acclaim after being discovered by a highly regarded professor (Philippe Mora), who re-edits her film and develops and unhealthy obsession with her."

"Riffel, known to the horror and genre community primarily for performances in films such as Mulholland DriveShowgirls, and Candyman 3, has also made a strong presence as a director with unique voice and vision. Her previous directorial efforts include the exploitation masterpiece Trasharella and the much publicized Showgirls 2: Penny’s From Heaven. With Astrid’s Self Portrait, Riffel unleashes a work of surrealistic contemplation and abstract horror, promising her most artistic and personal work to date.
The screening, held at the Speilberg Theatre within Hollywood’s iconic Egyptian Theatre, will feature an introduction from Riffel herself, who will be live and in person for the evening’s festivities.

Astrid's Self Portrait 2016 trailer from Rena on Vimeo.
Previously, a snippet from Astrid was screened at a Women Underground shorts event in Fall 2015, also hosted by The American Cinematheque and Etheria Film Night, and the organizations couldn’t be happier to return to help Riffel return and finally unveil the whole feature."
Friday, April 22nd, 2016, 8:00pm
6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028

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